Some of our past projects:

ISP (Internet Provider) - Infrastructure Design & Management
We have designed & managed the infrastructure for many ISPs. The first was a multi-city ISP & web hosting company providing dial-up and dedicated lines to customers in areas which previously had no internet access service. The proposed service areas required us to be unusually creative for the time. We worked with the telephone companies in the service areas to develop a network to satisfy the client's requirements at a reasonable cost. In th end we settled on a network involving a relatively new telco offering called frame-relay, for route redundency and cost factors, and VSAT satellite earth stations routed to a redundant central location providing internet access via multiple bonded leased lines. Cisco equipment was utilized for all routing and switching. Dial-up access was provided by PortMaster 3 & Ascend 56k/ISDN access servers. We helped the client with their goal of becoming one of the first Windows based web hosting companies in existence having assisted them in their participation in Microsoft's alpha/beta testing rounds of Windows NT 4 and Microsoft's subsequent push to become a significant player in the ISP industry.

The second ISP is a WISP (Wireless ISP) serving business customers. We provided management and support services for the wired data center equipment consisting entirely of Cisco gear and emergency support services & "remote hands" for the company's wireless equipment.

Satellite Dish OEM & Military Contractor
Ported data from various locations into a NetApp NAS, relocated all SQL, Access and ACT databases over to a fiber-channel RAID array. Designed and implemented a SQL Cluster, manage the Cisco Framework and T1 Services as well as wireless point to point links. Provided staff augmentation to assist in projects requiring more man power than the client had available. Also implemented QOS for a SIP based VOIP solution.