Web Services

Web Services are becoming a critical part of modern business.  Whether the service you need is as simple as E-Mail or as complex as utilizing a managed Customer Relationship Management system or an Enterprise Resource Planning system that your sales staff can access and update while on the road making you money, we at Omaticon will provide you with the most cost effective solution to fulfill your needs.


Through our Web Services division, acceleraHOST, we provide our clients with the internet based services they need.  We provide website hosting for the large and small, e-mail service with spam and virus scanning to help minimize annoyances and your risk of malware infection, hosted applications which can be made available to all your employees regardless of location and web conferencing allows you to work with co-workers or customers in a virtual meeting saving you or your customers countless thousands in travel expenses. And, best of all we manage it all so you don't have to!


If you are interested in remote (internet based) data backup services please visit our Data Recovery area under IT Consulting.